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Tooth Mousse

Ever tried “Tooth mousse”? If you’ve got sensitive teeth, you might want to.

Why you might need Tooth Mousse?

Tooth mousse is to restore mineral balance in the oral environment. The casein (milk protein) stops the calcium and phosphate binding together and becoming less effective, so these mineral ions can heal the damage at the early stages of decay and to some extent, erosion.  Tooth mousse can heal the damage to your teeth at the early stages of decay and assist in rebuilding of the enamel.

Decay is caused by a number of bacteria in our mouth using sugar as energy and creating acid as a by-product, so we need to consider all of the upcoming advice in the context of developing a healthy diet and good brushing and flossing.

The early stages of decay (before a hole develops) can be healed if the causes of decay are reversed. Traditionally we have used fluoride in the water and toothpaste, however the work of fluoride is limited by the amount of bioavailable calcium and phosphate around, and this is where Tooth mousse is useful.  The calcium and phosphate, with the help of fluoride, replace the lost mineral from the early decay, so help rebuild the enamel that was once there.

Sensitivity is usually caused by exposure of the second layer of tooth, the dentine, at the neck of the tooth. Sensitivity tends to occur when the diet is acidic, or the saliva is not as good as it should be. Tooth Mousse provides calcium and phosphate ions to seal off the exposed dentine.

Tooth mousse can also be used to help treat dry mouth. If you have dry mouth, you don’t have much saliva buffering the enamel. It can offer your teeth more protection. However as the Tooth mousse is quite thick, adding a little water to your mouth after rubbing it around helps even more.”

How to use Tooth Mousse?