Sedation and Fears - FAQ

Many people postpone going to the dentist because of fear of dental procedures. Conscious sedation can provide anxiety relief and often overcome the fear. Sedation is the use of a drug which relaxes the central nervous system enabling treatment to be carried out by the dentist, while still allowing the patient to communicate. You normally remember very little but still co-operate with your dentist and wake up relaxed and calm.

What do I need to do before sedation?



You must not eat or drink for at least 6 hours before the appointment.

You should not smoke for at least 24 hours before the appointment. It is a good idea to dress warmly in cooler weather and wear gloves, as this helps to make veins easier to find.

Contact lenses should not be worn due to the possible drying effect of the drugs used.

It is important that your dentist knows of all medications you are taking, and also any changes to your medical history including all known allergies.

You must be accompanied by a responsible adult and driven home by car or taxi. Public transport is not an option after sedation.

Instructions will be given to you and your escort after the sedation and dental treatment is completed. You will be advised how to care for your mouth; and not to drive vehicles or operate machinery for at least 12 hours after sedation.

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