Invisalign Editorial 1

Straight teeth can take you straight to the top 

The benefits of a great smile aren’t just skin deep. Sure you’ll instantly feel more attractive, but it’s you’re increased confidence that’ll change the way people perceive and treat you.

74% of people recently surveyed agreed that having a great smile is important for getting the job of your dreams and succeeding at work.

And it’s in the workplace where you’ll notice the biggest difference.

“Physical attractiveness creates a halo around a person,” said management psychologist Ken Siegel, summarizing a vast body of research. “We still place a premium on physical attractiveness as a mediator of other things, and we do not attribute favorable qualities to people we deem unattractive. It may even occur on an unconscious level.”

British research from the London Guildhall University has also revealed that less attractive people earned on average 13% less than their more attractive counterparts.

It’s not just about how the figures stack up. We all know someone whose career has benefited from their good looks and confidence. Human nature constantly shows a majority of people make instant judgments on others personality based on their looks, and the first place they look is at your smile.

A great smile isn’t just about having bright and white teeth though. After all, if you crashed your car you wouldn’t think of just slapping a coat of paint over the dents would you?

That's why a brighter smile with straight teeth is the perfect solution.

The good news is that teeth straightening is no longer has to be achieved through using braces. These days more and more people are using a revolutionary treatment called Invisalign.

Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic, removable aligners that gently move teeth to desired final positions. Cutting-edge three-dimensional computer graphics and patented software are used to manufacture individual Invisalign aligners for each patient.

As a revolutionary alternative to traditional braces, the key benefits of Invisalign are that:

  • It is virtually invisible. No one knows a patient is in treatment and they can smile during as well as after treatment.
  • Patients can remove the aligners for meals and special events.
  • Aligners can be removed so teeth can be easily brushed and flossed, promoting healthy teeth and preventing gum disease.
  • There is no metal to cause abrasion in the mouth or gum and tongue infections.
  • Fewer visits to dentists or orthodontists are required than with braces.
  • Patients can view their own virtual treatment plan when they start on a computer screen, enabling them to see how their teeth will look on completion of the treatment.