Hygiene Treatment


By Harry Jekel

As a long time patient of Glendowie dental center  I am happy to share the dental experience I had with my hygienist today with other patients.  It's always a pleasure to visit my hygienist (every 6 months for some time now) not only because of her cheerful and friendly manner, but also because of the thorough (yet gentle) cleaning job she does and her knowledgeable and valued advice to help me look after my teeth, for example how best to floss (and how not to).  Today she advised that I would be wise to use sugar free chewing gum between meals (even after eating acidic fruits) because she noticed that my saliva was a bit 'sticky'. 

I have no doubt that my half yearly hygiene treatment will help ensure that I keep my teeth in good order for much longer (infact I'd like to think for life!) than if I did not have these treatments, while also helping to prevent costly/weakening repair work.  I suppose it's the classic case of better having a fence at the top of the cliff than the ambulance at the bottom.

There is also an opportune time to commend the rest of the staff of the Glendowie Dental Center  not the least Gin Wong, our family dentist who has consistently demonstrated his considerable skills ranging from his painless injections/repair work through to his after care advice, and all with such a positive demeanor  And the reception staff are also always pleasure to deal with, whether by way of their friendly reminder about our appointment or by way greeting us when we come in.